Yellow Pages goes digital

The iconic Yellow Pages business directory will make its final appearance in September as Yellow, the company behind it, seeks to grow into a fully digital business offering a plethora of online services.

With over 180,000 copies to be distributed to all households in Malta and Gozo and local usage of last year’s book exceeding 130,000 residents, the latest book – – will create a profitable platform for local SMEs to stimulate their businesses.

The Yellow Directory offers businesses a very high conversion rate of over 50% for printing. The presence at this last edition will also allow companies to benefit from a free boost on the Yellow site and to benefit from the marketing efforts of Yellow.

“The latest Yellow Pages Directory is a once in a lifetime event, opening the door to a tremendous marketing opportunity for local businesses,” said Edward Mallia, Director of Marketing.

“The shutdown of production of the Yellow Pages is a major event, which should attract the attention of local media and environmentalists, who will no doubt appreciate this decision. “In addition, the final yellow will be permanent, allowing the visibility of each company to remain unchallenged by any new addition to our content. We’re also spicing up the latest repertoire with fun hidden surprises and annual competitions for the next five years, ”Mallia said.

The latest Yellow Pages directory will be one of a kind, made with improved materials that will last and a beautifully designed cover with a local dimension, turning this business directory into a desirable collector’s item.

Yellow will also be releasing 500 limited edition copies with a separate cover, making this a truly unique publication.

A number of these copies will be available for sale to the general public with the proceeds going to charity.

Calvin W. Soper