Yellow Pages ‘Clog Landfills, Recycling Bins’ As Consumers Go Internet

Yellow Pages ‘Clog Landfills, Recycling Bins’ As Consumers Go Internet

Recycling: LGA says many copies are junk thanks to the internet

He was a staunch friend of anyone who needed a dentist, doctor … or pizza.

But the traditional telephone book now seems to have to follow the path of the VCR and the typewriter.

As consumers turn to the Internet to find the names and numbers they need, councils are complaining that paper directories like the yellow pages are cluttering landfills and weighing up recycling collections.

According to the Local Government Association, unwanted phone books create 75,000 tonnes of waste paper per year.

Scrapping the books costs taxpayers £ 7.5million a year in England alone – enough to pay 491 teaching assistants or 259 social workers, or to fill around 108,700 potholes.

The LGA said households that do not use the directories should ask BT, Yellow Pages and Thomson not to deliver copies.

Gary Porter, chairman of the LGA’s board of directors for the environment, said: “Taking the new phone book off the doormat, removing the wrapping and throwing it straight into recycling has become an annual ritual.

“Reducing the number of unnecessary phone books could save millions and allow councils to spend more on vital services such as care for the elderly.”

The Data Publishers Association, which speaks on behalf of directory producers, has insisted that phone books are still a valuable resource in the digital age.

President Trevor Fenwick said: ‘Millions of people in the UK regularly use our paper directories, and it is just not the case that consumers looking for businesses online will no longer use a printed directory. .

“All UK directory publishers maintain an opt-out program which allows consumers to opt out of receiving a printed directory. The number that chooses this option is lowercase. ‘

All three directories can be canceled at once at

Alternatively, households can opt out by calling BT on 0800 833 400, Yellow Pages on 0800 671 444 or by emailing Thomson at [email protected] with a name, address and phone number.

Thomson requires cancellations to be reconfirmed annually.

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