Yellow Pages apologize for not omitting Nova Scotia killer denture clinic ad from phone book

HALIFAX – The Yellow Pages apologize after a coupon was printed in its latest phone book announcing the former dentures clinic that once belonged to the killer behind the mass shooting in Nova Scotia in April latest.

Although the shooter’s name does not appear in the book, his former business, Atlantic Denture Clinic, is advertised on a coupon offering 10% discount on dentures.

“That such a reckless mistake is made and forced upon every household in Nova Scotia is simply appalling,” said Sandra McCulloch, one of the lawyers representing the families of the victims.

Max Meredith, a resident of West Chezzetcook, discovered the coupon this week. He also noticed the same coupon printed in the phone book last year, but is shocked that it ended up in the phone book again.

“They made a big mistake”

“They made a major mistake,” Meredith said. “I know they’re going to say it won’t happen again, but they have to start scrutinizing what they’re doing because if it happened in this area, it could happen in other parts of their business, right? “

The Bell Aliant logo is in the phone book. A spokesperson told CTV News that Yellow Pages Group bought the directory business from Bell Aliant in 2007. Bell Aliant is part of Bell Canada, the parent company that owns CTV.

Lawyer Sandra McCulloch told CTV News Thursday morning that she believed Bell Aliant should apologize.

“Whether Bell was primarily responsible for it or not, it was ultimately a post that was released with her name,” McCulloch said. “They have to take some responsibility for it, whether or not they are the ones who edited the ad.”

Late Thursday afternoon, the Yellow Pages responded to CTV News’ interview request with a statement and took responsibility for the error.

“Although it was not intentional, the inclusion of the coupon for the Atlantic Denture Clinic in the directory was our mistake. We are very sorry,” said Treena Cooper, Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel at Yellow Pages .

Calvin W. Soper