Yellow and White Pages Celebrate Bakers in New Directory Campaign

Pages Jaunes and Pages Blanches have created an ‘ode to baking’ as part of the launch of its directories which feature Australians with their personalized cake recipe.

Some of the faces from the 2017 yellow pages cover program.

Created by Haystac Content, the new ad shows a grandmother, man, mother and children helping to bake cakes from scratch and sharing the baked goods.

A narrator speaks in the background of the pastry, proclaims an “ode” to the activity and asks the question: “How do you cook?”


The covers are part of a partnership between Yellow Pages, White Pages and the voluntary women’s organization Country Women’s Association (CWA) and aim to celebrate Australia’s undiscovered baking legends.

The new Yellow Pages and White Pages feature some of Australia’s ‘best bakers’ from the 63 versions of the directories distributed across Australia.

Erin Williamson, Yellow Pages brand and marketing manager, said they were “tremendously proud” to work with the CWA.

“We share a common goal of helping, supporting and connecting the community with the things that matter,” Williamson said.

“We also have a mutual love of food and the idea of ​​cooking is synonymous with comfort and happiness. We hope this film will show the effects and we are delighted to unveil it to the public.

The campaign will initially launch via social media, but will now run as a 30-second free-to-air TVC from March 10.


  • Creation and production: Haystac Content
  • Media: Quattro
  • Digital and content marketing: Haystac / Sensis
  • Campaign creation and public relations: Haystac

Calvin W. Soper