Where to find all the lost storybook pages in Lost In Random

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  • Upside Down Downtown: Fourth Page
  • Fivetropolis: seventh page

randomly lost offers a myriad of mysteries to uncover. Key quests will take you through the kingdom of Random to find your sister, Even, while failable side quests allow you to flesh out the dark fairy tale even more.

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In addition to collecting playing cards to improve your combat abilities, this guide will help you research Ten lost tale pages to win the Once upon a time achievement. These optional items, when collected in their entirety, provide a closer look at Random’s history – and insight into how its citizens fell prey to the queen’s twisted game of chance.

Onecroft: front page

Located at Onecroft Port, the first page of the storybook is practically impossible to miss because it is placed right in the middle of your path. You’ll need to solve the Onecroft puzzle to reach it, as it’s on a remote platform only accessible via a bridge.


Onecroft: second page

Cross the Docks and you’ll see a floating storybook page on a separate platform, parallel to the glowing yellow checkpoint indicating the ship’s entrance. To grab the page, roll over and return to ground level, heading for the ladder just to the right of the second page.

Warning: it is protected by red in motion sensors, so time yourself and go for it when the way is clear. If you accidentally walk through one of these beams of light before waiting for it to move, you’ll have to start the sequence over from the beginning.

Two cities: third page

After entering Two-Town, a main quest objective – follow the ghost – will lead you into a short battle. After this battle, you must collect a key needed to unlock a door, as the ghost is waiting on the other side of it. However, there is time ahead for a small detour.

When you face the locked door, face your left and follow a winding path up a small hill. Here you will need to fill in the Two-city puzzle. After solving the puzzle, the path in front of you will be cleared, allowing you to cross a bridge and snag the third page.

You will need Dicey and your slingshot for this puzzle.

Upside Down Downtown: Fourth Page

After talking to Kingdom in Upside Downtown, follow Dicey as he guides you to inspiring posters. When you get to the fourth poster, shoot the target directly behind you to complete the Upside Down Downtown Puzzle. This will lower a raised platform carrying the fourth page; just retrace your steps back to Royam and you can pick it up on the way.

Threedom: Fifth Page

The fifth page is in a locked crate in the The baroness’ quarterslocated in the main square of Wildcard Hill just before its battle arenas. Like most storybook pages, you need to complete a missing puzzle to access it. After shooting all targets before an audible timer runs out, the crate door will open and award you the fourth page for your troubles.

Fourburg: sixth page

To Square of the Four Horsemenjust across the Alley of Lost Souls, you’ll find the sixth page locked in a crate. To access it, complete the puzzle of Fourbourg by shooting all the targets surrounding the roundabout in the middle of the square. Shooting all targets in a timely manner will unlock the crate and allow you to sweep the page before continuing your adventure.

Fivetropolis: seventh page

At Visionary’s Shrine – just after Mannie Dex and respecting your left – you will find the seventh page of the storybook floating on a rickety platform at the end of a long bridge. Once you catch it, you can double back on yourself to continue your journey.

Sixtopia: Eighth page

The three pages of Sixtopia are found methodically as you progress, and are therefore hard to miss. After breaking through the creepy paper facade and entering the real realm of Sixtopia, watch your first appearance of Mannie Dex. When you see it, follow the nearby branching path to see the eighth page of your right hand sideshining proudly atop a ledge and just out of reach.

No need to complete a pesky puzzle for this one – just stay to your right, follow the spiral path to the top of the ledge, and grab the storybook page.

Sixtopia: ninth page

The ninth page of the storybook is right in front of a long wooden beam as you turn left after your second encounter with Mannie Dex. Climb on the beam, follow it to the end and jump on it to grab the page before continuing.

Sixtopia: Tenth page

The last page of the storybook can be seen from afar long before you can retrieve it, because getting behind the large spiked door need to complete Save Seemore, a main quest objective. Once you’ve fought your way through his captors and been thanked by your eye-savvy friend in a short cutscene, you can follow the stone path to the spiked door. Rather than looking from the outside, you should now find yourself behind the door – on the same side as the coveted tenth page of the storybook.

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