What the Newspapers Are Saying: Thursday’s Front Pages

Thursday’s front pages focus on a number of stories, from Daft.ie’s latest report on rising rents to a shortage of key construction workers.

the Irish Examiner focuses on the Daft report which indicates that there are only 851 rental properties in Ireland.

echo leads with an article on pawnbrokers in Cork targeting families who have a child making Holy Communion.

the Irish Independent focuses on builders in the construction industry who are short of 50,000 key workers.

the Irish Daily Mail also leads on the Daft report and the decrease in the number of houses available for rent on the market.

the Irish Daily Star begins with an article about an Irish bomb squad expert who was forced to leave the Defense Force because he could not support his family.

the irish sun focuses on the trial of Santina Cawley and the mother accused of killing her saying she didn’t in court.

the Belfast Telegraph focuses on an item on the health service being at risk if a Stormont executive is not trained in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Brexit complications, measures to curb Russian aggression and the cost of living crisis are making headlines.

The EU has threatened retaliation if the British government cancels the Northern Ireland protocol, according to the FinancialTimes.

The Independent says the White House has issued a warning to both sides to continue negotiations to avoid a trade war.

The British Prime Minister has signed security agreements to defend Finland and Sweden if they are attacked by Russia, reports The Daily Telegraph and The temperature.

the DailyMirror and Metro says Tory MP Lee Anderson blamed family struggles and food bank use on people who ‘can’t cook properly’ and ‘can’t budget’.

Britain’s chancellor has ordered officials to look into a possible windfall tax on oil and gas giants, reports the Daily MailAlthough the I says Scottish Tories have voiced objections to the plan.

the Daily Express focuses differently on the cost of living crisis, with the story of a mother forced to choose between eating or operating the machines that save her disabled daughter’s life.

The Guardian reports that the world’s largest fossil fuel companies are planning major oil and gas projects, which the newspaper calls “carbon bombs”, which are expected to trigger a “climate catastrophe”.

Serial killer Levi Bellfield is engaged and has proposed marriage in prison, with The sun reporting the news as “Bride of a Monster”.

And the daily star says Rebekah Vardy admitted trying to leak a story about Danny Drinkwater on her second day of High Court testimony, in which she defended messages sent between her and her agent.

Calvin W. Soper