What the Newspapers Are Saying: The Saturday Front Pages

The war in Ukraine, its impact on Ireland and the Taoiseach’s visit to Washington continue to make the headlines in Ireland.

Irish weather reports that the United States warned China of the “consequences” if it provided material support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as Beijing said it wanted an end to the war but did not criticize the brutal Kremlin campaign.

the Irish Examiner says the state is trying to block entire hotel reservations for up to a year as it scrambles to find accommodation for people fleeing Ukraine. Up to 10,000 refugees are expected in the coming weeks in Cork alone.

echo reports that a Cork-based consultant has raised concerns about the “glaring deficits” in health infrastructure and bed capacity highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

the Irish Daily Mail Meanwhile, plans are in place for a postponed trip to the White House for Taoiseach Micheál Martin after a positive test for Covid-19 cut short his St. Patrick’s Day visit.

In Northern Ireland, the Belfast Telegraph leads with new appeal on the discovery of the body of an unidentified baby 20 years ago.

In Britain, the P&O scandal, the royal family and Ukraine are making headlines on Saturday.

the DailyMirrorthe FT weekend and The Guardian all lead on the ferry firm’s saga – which the latter claims could result in an ‘unlimited’ fine.

The British royal family is exploring ways to provide ‘practical support’ to Ukrainian refugees, according to the Daily Express.

The Daily Telegraph splashes a warning from US President Joe Biden to China not to militarily aid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Britain’s Queen will spend more time in a royal cottage in the Scottish Highlands, says The sun.

And the daily star told Brits to prepare for ten days of spring heat.

Calvin W. Soper