War of “racy” words on Facebook pages

Fort Bend County Judge KP George, a Democrat, seeking re-election, received wide publicity last week when he complained about the flood of hate speech and racist attacks he has received on his Facebook page.

While some of the critics claimed to be supporters of his Republican rival Trever Nehls, George demanded that Nehls condemn such racist attacks.

In a statement to ABC13, Nehls wrote, “This is typical of far-left Democrats. They are doing everything they can to turn the election into a racially divisive issue to distract from their leadership failures…We desperately need a change of leadership in the county judge’s office Fort Bend or we will face the same uncontrollable crime as our neighbors in Harris County. He also posted a meme on his Facebook page.

Fort Bend County GOP Chairman Bobby Eberle responded with his message saying, “Just a sample of the messages I get from the ‘tolerant’ left. As Democrat KP George runs to the media to complain, he and other Democrats continue to fail on the economy and on crime. Vote Trever Nehls for Fort Bend County Judge and the entire Republican ticket.

In July 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 shutdown and the mask mandate, George also went public with the racist remarks against him on Facebook posts.

Thereafter, the Fort Bend County District Attorney provided special security for some time and on some occasions.

On September 22, 2020, the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court made an exception to its compensation policy procedures and agreed to pay overtime pay to officers providing “executive protection” to the Fort Bend County Judge, KP George. The Court of Commissioners voted 3-2.

At that time, Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said, “Recently the county judge had some confrontational encounters at public appearances which created security concerns. Concerns were heightened by attacks on social media and phone calls received by the county judge. Subsequently, investigators began providing protection for the county judge during some of his official public appearances. So far, there have only been a few instances where they have provided security for the county judge.

Later, George was assigned a sheriff’s deputy who works as a bodyguard as well as a driver, with an annual salary of $57,000.

On July 28, 2020, George led a hateful resolution on COVID-19 and it passed with three Democratic votes, with both Republican commissioners voting against.

The resolution began, “Fort Bend County denounces anti-Semitism, anti-Asian bigotry, racism, and all hate speech, violent actions, and the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19 that lays blame, promotes racism or discrimination or harms Fort Bend County. Pacific Asian, Black, Latinx, Jewish, immigrant, or other ethnic and religious communities. »

During public comments, a number of speakers educated the Tribunal of Commissioners on the concept of free speech and how the Covid-19 hate resolution has opposed free speech, when someone calls the coronavirus a “Chinese virus, KungFu or flu virus”.

The resolution further stated, “Fort Bend County will continue its efforts to protect residents, targets and victims of hate, and to investigate, prosecute and curb acts of hate related to COVID-19 in partnership with organizations nonprofit, the Fort Bend County Attorney. Office, the Fort Bend County Sherrif Department and all other law enforcement partners.

Prior to the adoption of the resolution, no cases of hate crime related to COVID-19 or any other hate crime had been reported. After the adoption of this resolution, no cases of hate crimes have been recorded so far.

So County Judge George’s vow to find “Covid-19 hate” and kill it stuck on paper like a paper tiger.

Calvin W. Soper