Transgender activists eat pages of the Bible to protest Matt Walsh appearance at University of Wisconsin

Pro-transgender activists ate pages from a Bible as they protest an event featuring Matt Walsh and his controversial documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Conservative commentator Walsh, who is in the middle of a college tour, arrived on campus Oct. 24 for a screening of his film and was greeted by a group of irate students.

The Young America’s Foundation released video of a red-haired student stuffing the pages of a torn Bible into her mouth.

In another video, protesters are filmed shouting into megaphones that white people are “fucking racists” and that they were there to “collectively drive Nazis off the UW campus.”

Protesters chanted ‘trans rights are human rights’ while being led by a woman draped in a rainbow flag.

YAF intercut the protest video with a clip showing the 400 people inside the auditorium where Walsh was to speak, appearing to welcome him warmly on stage.

The Young America’s Foundation released a video of a red-haired college student shoving the pages of a torn Bible into her mouth.
Young America Foundation

“I also want to thank the left-wing whiners for the free advertising spray-painted across campus, Walsh said ahead of his film screening.

Then he addressed the principals of the school, referring to a message the university had sent before his arrival warning students that a speaker whose opinions “we believe are harmful to our trans community” had to appear.

“To the UW-Madison administration: you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are shameful, self-demeaning cowards, and you spineless, gutless clowns owe me an apology.

"What is a woman?" was released earlier this year.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison said Walsh could be harmful to the trans community.
Young America Foundation

In response to the video, Walsh tweeted: “Well, you can be on the side that eats the Bible and castrates the children, or you can be on literally any side but that one. Your choice, America.

“What is a woman? was released earlier this year. It examines gender and transgender issues while arguing that femininity is determined by biology.

Calvin W. Soper