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Rainbow squares dance to the top

A Cinderella team of 18 novice square dancers from Cottage Lake, Hollywood Hill and Woodinville elementary schools outplayed 11 other novice teams to win the Pre-Teen Squares Trophy and Pre-Teen Display Trophy at the Northwest Square Dance Festival in Burnaby, Colombia -British.

The team then swept the entire competition (8-19 from all over the North West) to win the coveted Sportsmanship Trophy. They were coached by PE teacher Beverly Champers of Woodinville.

The children were dressed in baby blue, mint green, pink and yellow; one observer said “They look like little candies!”

Cubs work to beautify the grounds of Woodinville Cemetery

Joel Palmer, 9, tackles moss growing on the cement border of a grave in Woodinville Cemetery.

Palmer was one of 34 boys and 17 parents in Cub Schout Pack 522 who spent six hours Saturday cleaning, mopping, raking and trimming the cemetery grounds.

The project could become a summer enterprise.


Woodinville musician wins spot in Disneyworld band

Dave Poncar, 20, son of Norm and Carol Poncar of Woodinville and a student at Indiana University, will depart for Florida this weekend as a member of the All-American College Marching Band at Disneyworld.

Specializing in music education, Poncar was one of 20 selected for the band after auditions; he will play the French horn. The group will perform for 11 weeks during the summer and will also participate in seminars with people from the musical world.

Water restrictions are coming to Northshore

Brown lawns could become a common sight in the area this summer, as the Woodinville Water District and the City of Bothell are banning lawn watering and asking residents to reduce their water usage starting May 11.

Those caught watering lawns in Woodinville could see a surcharge on their next water bill. The ban could last all summer if the water supply does not improve.

“We’d rather dry lawns than have people run out of water in August,” said Debbie Rannfeldt, conservation coordinator for the Woodinville Water District.

[We are currently experiencing the fourth wettest first two weeks of May in 78 years.]

Grange Honors Citizen of the Year

Jerry Wilmot was recently named Citizen of the Year by the Sammamish Valley Grange for his community work. The award was presented by Grange Master Wilma Baker.

Wilmot’s involvements include: Citizens Advisory Committee, Northshore Youth and Family Services Advisory Council, Eastside Community College District Citizens Committee, Capital Fundraising Chair of the YMCA Northshore, the founding member of Rotary and past president, and former director of the Chamber of Commerce and current chair of the Land Use Committee. .

[See why Woodinville’s Wilmot Gateway Park is named after him?]

web-wilmot (2).jpg

Yes or no ?

Campaign signs on both sides of the Woodinville incorporation issue proliferated in Woodinville last week as residents prepared to vote on the proposed town on May 19 (after the weekly press deadline). Watch next week’s newspaper for details of this election.

[Though previous incorporation votes failed in 1981, 1986 and 1989, this incorporation vote passed by 52 votes out of more than 1,600 cast.]


Woodinville’s most unforgettable character

Sixty-one years ago, on a beautiful December morning, two sailors were chatting pleasantly on the deck of their anchored destroyer, the USS Tucker. Looking up, they noticed planes with red painted rings flying overhead.

Torpedo boat Oscar Roloff and his buddy started firing, but the machine quickly overheated and jammed. Realizing the historical significance, Roloff grabbed a paper and pencil and began recording what he observed.

“My battle station was down, so I just started writing,” he said.

His wife said it was the start of a writing career for the Seattle Times, Eastside Journal and Woodinville Weekly, among others. He is honored this year at the Seattle Veteran’s Museum exhibit. The photos show Roloff in 1941 and just before his death in 1999.





Spring planting on the northeast 175and Street

There’s a new look for the 15 wooden planters and 24 newly installed pots that line Northeast 175and Street in downtown Woodinville.

A true partnership: annuals were donated by Molbak’s, perennials were provided by McLendon’s Hardware at a discount, plants and weeds from the Cottage Gardeners Garden Club, and the Town of Woodinville’s landscaping team takes care of the watering and maintenance of the planters.


City bans smoking in public parks, hosts farmers’ market again

Smokers in city parks can now be fined $100, as Woodinville City Council passed Ordinance No. 547 at its Tuesday meeting.

Council also passed Ordinance 548 to extend the allowable duration of special event permits to 25 days, paving the way for the return of the Woodinville Farmers’ Market.


The Woodinville company is a superstar of innovative bicycle products

When you’ve lived in a community for a long time, you might think you’re fairly aware of the businesses that exist in the area. It’s always a surprise to find a company that’s been around for a few decades yet has slipped under your radar.

Sportworks Northwest, founded in Woodinville in 1990 by Michaael and Sandi Reeves, is known for designing and manufacturing innovative bicycle products.

In 1993, they were awarded a contract by King County Metro to design and manufacture transit bike racks. They are now used by 500 municipalities across North America and transport over one million bicycles per month..

[Still in Woodinville at 1554 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE, and still going strong]


Woodinville crooner releases debut album ‘Come Fly With Me’

Woodinville resident George A. Santino recently retired from Microsoft after a 20-year career. Rather than lounging somewhere on a golf course, Santino embarked on an encore career in music.

He released his debut single “That’s Life” and recorded a full album of Sinatra covers, which was released this week. Learn more about George online.

Calvin W. Soper