Tahoe Fund Names Cory Ritchie Chairman of the Board

The nonprofit is poised for growth with the hiring of its first program director Caitlin Meyer and director of communications and programs Caroline Waldman

Cory Ritchie

Tahoe City, Calif. – The nonprofit Tahoe Fund announced that founding board member Cory Ritchie has been named the new chairman of the board. Additionally, the organization has added new firepower to its small team. Caitlin Meyer is leaving Senator Feinstein’s office as the Tahoe Fund’s first director of programs and Caroline Waldman has been hired as director of communications and programs.

A member of the Tahoe Fund’s board and executive committee since the nonprofit’s inception in 2010, Ritchie served as vice chairman for two years. During her tenure, she has focused on delivering projects such as the acquisition of Johnson Meadow that preserve open space, provide recreational access and have high conservation value. Ritchie is also a big supporter of programs that get kids out and close the “adventure divide” such as Generation Green, Adventure Risk Challenge, SOS Outreach, and the Boys & Girls Club’s efforts to get kids into cycling. . She succeeds Allen Biaggi as chairman of the board, a role Biaggi held for two years. He will remain on the board of the Tahoe Fund.

“I decided that I wanted to give back to our Tahoe community. As a parent of young children, it was important to me to be efficient with my time, while having a big impact”

Cory Ritchie

Caitlin Meyer joins the Tahoe Fund from California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office where she worked for more than eight years, most recently as Senior Assistant for Forestry, Wildfires and Water Policy . As Program Director, she will lead the Tahoe Fund’s forest health, lake clarity, and transportation initiatives in conjunction with the project’s board and partners. She will also be responsible for helping secure public funding for environmental improvement projects in Tahoe through legislative work.


Prior to the Tahoe Fund, Caroline Waldman was communications manager for United Way Worldwide, managing outreach campaigns for education, financial stability, and health programs. In her new role as Director of Communications and Programs, she will manage the organization’s communications and outreach initiatives. Additionally, she will work with the Board of Directors to assist in the development and management of the Tahoe Fund’s portfolio of sustainable stewardship and recreation projects.

“Twelve years ago, I decided I wanted to give back to our Tahoe community. As a parent of young children, it was important to me to be efficient with my time, while having a big impact, said said Cory Ritchie, Chairman of the Board of the Tahoe Fund, “It has been very rewarding to be part of such an effective and efficient organization. We could not do this without our project partners; collaboration is key to our success. I am incredibly proud of all that we have achieved together and excited about what lies ahead.

“I am thrilled to have Cory as our new Chairman of the Board and to have Caitlin and Caroline on board to help us move forward our efforts to complete more environmental projects in the Tahoe Basin,” said Amy Berry, CEO of the Tahoe Fund. “The depth of experience and commitment these three women bring to our team is tremendous, and I am excited to see what their leadership will help us do next!”

Tahoe Fund

The Tahoe Fund is a nonprofit organization that supports environmental improvement projects that restore lake clarity, expand sustainable recreation, promote healthier forests, improve transportation, and inspire greater stewardship of the region. To learn more about the Tahoe Fund and its current and completed projects, visit www.tahoefund.org.

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