SunLive – 105 White Pages Placement Review

Yellow and the police will review potential changes to their directory to make 105 easier to use in White Pages posts.

It follows the efforts of a member of the Tauranga community to come into contact with a non-urgent police incident.

A worried Bethlehem resident, who wished to remain anonymous, hoped to call the local police station and discuss issues, including speeding tickets, occurring in his area.

Being something of an avowed technophobic, the resident went to his trusted white pages.

Realizing that the incident was not an emergency, he instead wanted to call the local station directly and file a report.

But the white pages no longer list the individual phone numbers for the respective stations. Everything listed under the policy was 111, the emergency phone number.

“Probably if I went online I would find things differently and better, but most of us old folks don’t really have a clue about that,” says the resident.

” It’s old fashioned. It’s an old-fashioned way. But this is the first stopover for the seniors among us, of which I am a part.

“It is not a gift to get in touch with them. There are many ways to contact them when the blood is flowing, but if it is not an emergency, it is difficult.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that more detailed contact details for the police are listed in the contact section of the government department, including the 105 non-emergency contact details.

“We did a lot of radio and TV advertising when 105 launched in 2019,” said a police spokesperson.

“It’s still new as a number, he’s only 18 months old. We tried to reach different people on different mediums.

Yellow, which publishes the White Pages, said there will be a review of the placement of police contacts in the next publication.

“We work closely with the police to make sure they understand the needs of people looking for police information in the White Pages,” says Kelly Duncan, Clearance Manager at Yellow.

“The police ultimately decide what information they deem appropriate to list. We are very happy to continue working alongside the police to ensure consistency across regions and to adjust the content of the list if necessary for the community.

“This is a great and timely feedback for the next Bay of Plenty book which we will be reviewing with the police and making the appropriate content changes.”

Calvin W. Soper

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