Students dress up as ‘yellow pages’ to get people’s party numbers

A group of college students have been called ‘geniuses’ as they disguised themselves as the yellow pages to get people’s phone numbers at a party.

Securing numbers from someone who has taken your fancy can sometimes be awkward.

Not knowing how to ask the question and worrying if you get rejected are common thoughts behind the process.

But these Bristol University students have made flirting a lot easier.

Ani and her two pals put an interactive twist on “shoot” by dressing up as a phone book.

Donning white T-shirts, the companions wrote on the neckline “yellow pages” with two columns listed below named “name” and “number”.

Ani may be onto something!

The two blonde students cheekily wrote “call me maybe” on the back of their tops.

Armed with markers and with great self-confidence, the students threw themselves into the club.

And believe it or not, their plan worked.

The trio flaunted their clothes now adorned with mobile numbers on TikTok – with the video racking up 652,000 views.

woman in white top
Women also joined in the fun

woman in white top
Her top was covered in phone numbers!

Ani explained on TikTok, “We dressed like the yellow pages on our party to see who could get the most numbers.”

Stunned by the gaffe, many people took to the comments to praise the idea.

One person laughed: “I’ll try but I don’t want to go home with an empty t-shirt.”

Another user added, “I would try but the sadness I would have when I came home with an empty shirt would be too much.”

While a third person on the video-sharing app expressed, “I’m socially awkward, but I want to try this.”

While tagging their pals, another social media user said, “Let’s do it.”

As a fifth person simply remarked, “That’s genius.”

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Calvin W. Soper