Splatoon 3 Guide – Weapons, Story Mode, Multiplayer, Clothing, and More

Here’s an in-depth guide to Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch, including tips on weapons, gear, collectibles, and more.

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Splatoon is back, and it’s bigger than ever. Players of all levels will be able to use it Splaton 3 directory of guides to find all sorts of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Nintendo’s colorful and wacky multiplayer game. As Game Rant continues to spend more hands-on time with Splaton 3, this hub page will be updated with more information and guides. So stay tuned and keep checking back for help on becoming the best splash out there.

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By clicking in the directory, Splaton 3 players will find categories relating to different aspects of the game, such as collectibles, story mode, best weapons, beginner tips and more. Splaton 3 will continue to receive new updates and events for some time, so we’ll make sure this is updated.

  • Begin

    Splaton 3 may be the third entry in the semi-long series, but that doesn’t mean all players will be veterans. This section will go over all the beginner tips and tricks players need to know before going deeper. Splaton 3.

  • Weapons and equipment

    This part of the Splaton 3 The guide and walkthrough will cover anything and everything related to weapons and gear. We’ll have guides on the best weapons for beginners, the best abilities in the game, and more.

  • More topics to come!

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