Severance season 2: Everything we know so far

The Innies have become Outies, which should completely shake up the status quo on Severance season 2. Apple TV Plus has renewed the Adam Scott-starring psychological thriller series for a second round of sci-fi horror/mystery madness.

Severance comes from creator/writer Dan Erickson and director/executive producer Ben Stiller. The story follows several employees of Lumon Industries, a biotech company that pioneered a medical procedure known as “separation.”

Employees who undergo the surgery separate their work memories from their non-work memories, creating an “Innie” version of themselves that only exists in the office. The “Outie” versions lead their personal lives without remembering their work. It’s the ultimate and extremely frightening execution of work/life balance.

Mark (Scott) leads the macro data refinement division. He and his colleagues Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Irving (John Turturro) welcome a new team member, Helly. His arrival sets off a chain of events that lead Mark and the others to explore Lumon’s many mysteries. Season 1 ends on a major cliffhanger, after finding a way for their Innies to gain control of their Outie selves and uncover shocking truths about their identities. But with their jailbreak complete, what will the Innies do next?

Here’s everything we know about Severance Season 2 so far.

Severance Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Apple TV Plus has yet to set a date for Severance Season 2.

The streaming service announced the Season 2 renewal on April 6, two days before the Season 1 finale.

In a statement, Apple TV Plus head of programming Matt Cherniss said: “Thanks to creator Dan Erickson, the brilliant Ben Stiller and an unrivaled cast and crew, Severance has crafted an existence that is both captivating. and exciting, as viewers around the world can ‘Can’t get enough of these rich characters. We’re excited to delve deeper into this very unique world and unpack more layers of Lumon in Season 2.”

Regarding a possible Severance Season 2 release date, Ben Stiller says rolling stone (opens in a new tab), “The hope is that we would go into production by the end of the year.” Asked if the series could return in 2023, he replied, “Maybe, maybe, yeah.”

Filming for season 1 took about six months, and the premiere followed eight months later. If Season 2 follows a similar path, our hope is to see Severance Season 2 return in late 2023.

The cast of Severance season 2

The Cast of Severance in a Lumon Hallway

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Severance Season 2 is set to bring back all the main cast, led by Adam Scott as Mark Scout. His colleagues in the Macrodata Refinement division should also return: Britt Lower as Helly R., Zach Cherry as Dylan G. and John Turturro as Irving B.

The show will also likely bring back key figures connected to Lumon Industries:

Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobelan executive overseeing the cut floor who poses as Mark’s next-door neighbor, Mrs. Selvig.

Tramell Tillman as Seth Milchickfloor manager of the sectioned floor.

Christopher Walken as Burt Goodmanthe retired head of the Optics and Design division and Irving lover.

Dichen Lachman as Mrs. Caseythe former welfare counselor from the severed floor who looks exactly like Mark’s deceased wife, Gemma.

Sydney Cole Alexander as Natalie, Liaison Officer for Lumon’s Board of Directors.

Michael Siberry as James Eaganthe current CEO of Lumon Industries.

There are also important characters that exist “on the outside”:

Jen Tullock as DevonMark’s sister and a new mother.

Michael Chernus as Ricken HaleDevon’s husband and an author.

Ethan Flower as Angelo Artetaa senator who supports the widespread use of severance pay.

Nora Dale as Gabby ArtetaAngelo’s wife and a new mother.

Nikki M. James as AlexaDevon’s midwife and Mark’s adventure.

We’ll have to wait and see if any new cast members are added in Severance season 2. One possibility is the man seen with Burt in his Outie retired life. The show may also attract more members of the Eagan family.

Severance Season 2 Plot and Season 1 Ending Explained

Before we dive into the season theories, let’s unpack this Severance Season 1 wild ending.

The finale begins with Dylan completing the emergency overtime process and Mark, Helly, and Irving’s Innies waking up in their Outie bodies. Everyone struggles to understand their situation. Mark comes face to face with his boss Harmony Cobel, Irving paints the hallway dark, and Helly attends the Lumon Gala because she’s actually Helena Eagan!

In Mark’s story, he quickly avoids Cobel and learns that Devon is his sister. After Ricken reads an excerpt from his book, he accidentally alerts Cobel that he is an Innie. While talking with Devon about severance pay, Cobel walks into Lumon’s office. She calls Milchick to arrest Dylan, as she plans to go to Helly.

Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobel in Severance

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

In Helly’s story, she’s horrified that the gala has an exhibit that puts a positive spin on her broken experience. As Helena, she is supposed to give a speech, so she takes the opportunity to castigate the breakup: “We are not happy, we are miserable. They are torturing us there!”

In Irving’s story, he finds newspaper clippings of former Lumon employees suing the company as well as a directory of employees’ home addresses. He focuses on his love, Burt, and goes home. But he hesitates when he sees Burt with another man.

As Milchick bursts into the safe room to tackle Dylan, the three Innies are in crisis. Helly is taken off the scene, Irving knocks on Burt’s door, and Mark discovers his wife Gemma is identical to fired Wellness Counselor Gemma. “She’s alive!” he says to Devon, just as the switch pulls them all back into their Outties.

Dichen Lachman as Mrs. Casey in Severance

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Will season 2 pick up from this exact moment, with the Outties waking up and realizing something has gone wrong? It seems likely, but Severance likes to play with expectations.

Helena will no doubt face the repercussions of Helly declaring the separation a “lie” to a large crowd that includes her father. Mark, meanwhile, just told his sister that Lumon should be investigated. The stage is set for the general public to wonder what Lumon is doing and whether separation should be banned.

Outie Irving’s current location at Burt should lead to an interesting and very revealing interaction. If Burt retired, he should have no memory of Irving and vice versa. Yet Irving’s maniacal paintings of Lumon’s dark hallway indicate that some memories of Innie still linger outside. Could the feelings also transcend the breakup?

As for Mark, his Innie now knows his late wife Gemma and Mrs. Casey could be one and the same. But this revelation will be complicated by the kiss he shared with Helly.

“To put him in that position where Innie Mark, we’re starting to encourage him and Helly, but now we also want to encourage Outtie Mark to find his wife,” Stiller said. Variety (opens in a new tab). “It’s an interesting juxtaposition and conflict that we’ll explore in season two.”

Calvin W. Soper