Reggae Festival Guide Magazine and online directory of reggae festivals 3rd single from Hezron’s upcoming album ‘MOAM (Man On a Mission)

3rd single from Hezron’s upcoming album ‘MOAM (Man On a Mission)

Jul 14, 2022
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3rd single from
Hezron’s next album
‘MOAM (man on a mission)

save the children

Kingston, Jamaica
Hezron speaks out against child abuse
‘Save The Children’ Single & Video

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The Powerful Plea to Protect Our Youth is the third single from Hezron’s highly anticipated third album. MOAM.
(Man on a Mission) scheduled for Tad’s Record on July 29.

Disturbed by the alarming number of news reports reporting brutal acts against young people, including physical and sexual abuse, the Jamaican singer/songwriter/musician Hezron Clarke urges the protection of our most precious resource and our future, on his latest single, “Save the Children,” released June 24 via Tad’s Record. “Save The Children”, written, performed and produced by Hezron, featuring Dean Fraser on saxophone, was recorded in Kingston at Tad International Recording Studio and
MountainLion Music JA.

Hezron was first inspired to write “Save The Children” after watching a documentary about child soldiers in Sierra Leone; an estimated 14,000 children between the ages of 8 and 14 were recruited by both the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and the Sierra Leone Army (SLA), in the country’s cruel eleven-year civil war. ‘West Africa.

“The documentary showed armed rebels entering villages and taking the strongest and youngest children, often mutilating or murdering their parents, then sexually abusing the children, putting guns on them, giving them cocaine and other drugs and turning them into zombie soldiers, so brainwashed child soldiers fought; after seeing this i started thesong in my head,Hezron explained.

During Hezron’s tour of Jamaica earlier this year in support of his reggae anthem “Man On A Mission”, the lead single from his album MOAM (Man on a Mission), he learned of the widespread atrocities suffered by children in across the island. “Radio personality Jennifer “Jenny Jenny” Small (of Hitz 92 radio) told me that there are many homes for unwanted children in Jamaica and that dons and gangsters in the ghettos are raping some of these children , take them away and turn them into killers.said Hezron.

In Jamaica, the Child Protective Family Services Agency (CPFSA) received 9,800 child abuse cases in 2020. Sexual abuse accounted for 20% of these reports. The Children’s Registry reports an average of 700-800 cases per month for 2021 and UNICEF reports that approximately 79% of children in Jamaica will experience some form of emotional or physical abuse in their community or household. “When Jenny explained the blatant and intense situation, with fathers and uncles abusing young girls and boys, a fire developed inside me and I had to put it out so I pulled out my guitar and then the melodies came followed by chords and then words.

Hezron begins “Save The Children” with a poignant line spoken by one of the child soldiers from Sierra Leone featured in the documentary, “Daylight no longer shines for all your rays displayed these days are pain and sorrow.” that it rhymes with a rejection of the hollow assurances of world leaders who have failed to protect our youth, “Promises, keep your promises, yeah, because I don’t see any change afoot for a better future. » But it’s the song’s simple yet powerful chorus and the haunting, heartfelt pain in Hezron’s voice that conveys the urgency of the situation, as he moans, “Oh oh oh oh oh!! Save the children, save the children, the future of this earth/ Oh oh oh oh oh! Save the future, save the children.

Hezron began writing ‘Save The Children’ in March 2022 and he completed the song in mid-May, observed as Children’s Month in Jamaica, less than two weeks before the primary school shooting in Uvalde. , Texas, where 19 students and two teachers were killed. Three days before the song was released on June 21, a mother and her four children aged 15, 10, 5 and 23 months were found dead with their throats cut in their Clarendon,
Jamaica at home.

The video for “Save the Children” was filmed at Steer Town Primary and Junior High School in St. Ann, Jamaica, directed by Devon Morriswho is responsible for many acclaimed Hezron videos including “Man On A Mission” and “Tik Tok I’m Coming”.

We went to a school in St. Anns and filmed children having fun, reminding the world of that wonderful, innocent vibe that children have and should be protected. We have also put in the video clips what is happening with children around the world, children in Ukraine orphaned by the war with Russia, child soldiers in war in Africa, children slaughtered in schools in the United States and children murdered in Jamaica, showing the injustice and horrific acts committed against them around the world.

“Save The Children” is the third single from Hezron’s highly anticipated third album MOAM (Man on a Mission) which will be released on Tad’s Records on July 29th. The album’s second single “Tik Tok I’m Coming”, a steamy and sultry soul jam, sat at number one for four weeks on Clinton Lindsay’s South Florida Reggae Charts and Richie B’s Top 25 Jamaican Reggae Singles Chart.

For more information on Hezron, “Save The Children” and the MOAM Man on A Mission album, please contact Tad’s Records at: USA – 1-877-4Reggae / Jamaica – 876-929-2563.

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