Optus discloses details of 50,000 customers in white pages

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Tens of thousands of Optus customers have had their personal data accidentally posted online.

Optus has sent letters to nearly 50,000 customers informing them that their name, phone numbers and addresses have been published in error in the White Pages, managed by Sensis, Age reported.

“During a recent audit, we discovered a system error which resulted in the automatic listing of your name … and phone number … by our systems,” said the Optus letter posted by affected customers.

Customers have been advised that their contact details are listed online at whitepages.com.au, potentially listed in the print version of the white pages, listed with operator directory assistance, and possibly listed in other directories.

According to Optus customers who released the letter from the phone company to them, Optus has since contacted Sensis to remove their contact details from the White Pages website, carrier directory support and any future versions of the website. printed blank pages.

“However, your contact details may still remain printed in older versions of the blank pages,” the letter said.

Optus is “very sorry for this error”.

“We are contacting all affected customers and will continue to conduct audits to ensure that your personal information is treated with the utmost care.”

“Optus has notified and apologized to all affected customers. “

In any case, according to an Optus spokesperson, many published details were already online.

“The majority of the details of affected customers were already listed with Sensis prior to joining Optus,” said an Optus spokesperson. Yahoo finance.

But Sensis denied any responsibility, saying, “This is an Optus problem. “

A Facebook user took to social media to warn others about the data breach.

“They say it was a system error (just blame the computer again and not the idiot on the big $$$ pushing buttons),” the user wrote on Facebook.

“Government agencies, private businesses and even loyalty programs all collect our personal information and say they will treat it with the utmost respect, and they want us to not only believe them, but trust them as well.

“This letter proves that no one can be trusted with your personal information.”

Are you one of the 50,000 Optus customers affected?

Optus customers who want more information or assistance should contact the main telephone operator on 1 800 234 020 on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Yahoo finance contacted Optus for comment.

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