New Yellow and White Pages phone book confuses Northlanders

Business listings are now at the top of the Northland telephone directory. Photo / Craig Cooper

The company that publishes the Yellow and white pages tried to clear up the confusion about their new phone book.

Several people complained about the Defender of the Northon the Facebook page not to be included in the directory, despite having a landline and its small type.

Yellow’s interim CEO Darren Linton said the people left out were likely due to a change in supplier.

“Yellow is committed to ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is provided in its print and digital services.

“For all residents who have not been included in the White pages book, this happens most often when people change providers.

“As Yellow provides data for its White pages Lists of all telecom service providers, it is recommended that those that were missed contact their telecom service provider and request to be included. “

Gloria King and her husband Leon were surprised to be missed this year, having had an entry in the White pages for many years.

“We never said we didn’t want to participate,” said Ms King.

The couple switched to Vodafone after receiving a much better offer than Spark, but that was over six months ago, long before the book was printed.

“We were in the last phone book. It’s just this one.”

Eagle-eyed readers also noticed an error in the cover caption, with a description suggesting Ruakaka Racecourse was pictured.

Rather, the photo appeared to be of Roberton Island, also known as Motuarohia, in the Bay of Islands.

“Unfortunately, this is an oversight that occurred when the final image was edited and the caption was not updated,” Linton said.

A number of people believed that the size of the print decreased with the size of the book.

“The writing gets worse every year,” said one person.

“… such pain – try to enlarge it by writing for sure !!!” another wrote.

“You just have to use a magnifying glass to read it, it gets worse every year.”

This was not the case, according to Yellow.

“The print size is exactly the same as in the previous edition,” Mr. Linton said.

In 2013, the company announced that it would increase the font size of the book delivered in June of the same year, after a wave of complaints about the small size of the previous book.

A major change this year has been the establishment of the Yellow Pages on the front of the book and residential listings on the back.

It was simply a “move away” from the previous design, according to Yellow.

“The two useful sections still appear in the new lookbook in a ‘stack’ format.”

The book was also much thinner than last year, with just 380 pages for both Yellow and white pages, compared to 422 last year.

Several readers said they would set fire to their phone book, and more than one expressed surprise that the phone book was still in print.

“I didn’t know they still existed until I got one last week,” one reader said.

Yellow introduced an opt-out policy for directories several years ago, but a number of reviewers were unaware of it.

To opt out of receiving a printed phone book, go to

Calvin W. Soper

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