Lawsuit involving former Dolphins HC Brian Flores includes 3 pages involving the Raiders – Raiders Beat

As Josh McDaniels begins the process of building his coaching staff, one of his most important decisions will be the team’s next defensive coordinator.

McDaniels appears to be turning away from keeping Gus Bradley, but only one candidate has been officially linked to the Raiders’ DC job – former Bears DC Sean Desai.

Everyone knows McDaniels has ties to former Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores, but there’s one important detail in Flores’ NFL lawsuit that will likely deter the Raiders from considering him for their staff…

The trial More precisely criticizes the Raiders for their decision to fire former general manager Reggie McKenzie as well as the organization’s response to Jon Gruden’s emails.

The lawsuit is about “John” Gruden, but pages 18, 19, and 20 of the 58-page lawsuit are clearly directed at “Jon” Gruden and the Raiders…

Despite the fact that Flores’ lawsuit specifically targets the Raiders, it raises legitimate questions about the league’s handling of Gruden’s emails.

One of them being…why did the NFL sit on the information it had on Gruden for so many months, but ask the Raiders to act so quickly when the information became public?

This is a question that many have been asking for months.

The NFL is up to its ears in legal situations and somehow the Raiders have found their way into the league’s two major lawsuits.

As for Flores, it’s possible the Raiders are interested in him joining their coaching staff, but that would be an odd dynamic given the stance his legal team has taken against the organization.

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Calvin W. Soper