Kerala Woman Turns Husband’s Passport Into Phone Book And ‘Jugaad’ Gone Wrong


indian passport is one of the most powerful and important travel documents. It also consists of 36 or 60 blank pages which are stamped when the holder applies for a visa. Now a video has gone unbelievably viral where a man from Kerala shows his passport turned into a phone book. Yes, you heard us right! The man’s wife decided to use her husband’s old passport to write down important numbers. Not only that, but it also has essential details like a shopping list.Also Read – OCI Card Holders No Longer Required To Carry Old Passports To Travel To India

Well, the video is proof of the perfect ‘jugaad’ that Indians are famous for. However, the damage came to the husband from his wife and he was shocked after finding out. The video is hilarious and it will leave you smacked. Read also – Passport application: what the police are checking | All you need to know

The video was shared by the passport holder’s son and it gets interesting as the pages unfold in the video. The video shows the total of some of the purchased products noted for the calculation. Read also – Lotus symbol on passport: MEA declares part of security function, Congress calls it “saffronization”

Check it out here:

The video is breaking the internet, and netizens have responded with hilarious comments as well. One user wrote: “This only happens in India. While the other wrote: “Truly Indian. “

Passports being the most valid document are the most basic proof of identity and citizenship. Even old passports are useful in many ways. While it’s not a good idea to forge the passport, this woman’s idea of ​​turning it into a phone book is bizarre but hilarious.


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