Japanese DNF Duel Steam and PSN Store pages are live

NEXON and Arc System Works have launched the official Steam store and Japanese PSN pages for DNF Duel! The pages confirm Korean, Japanese, and Chinese voiceovers with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English subtitles. Businesses too confirmed that a new trailer will be released very soon.

In the meantime, check out the upcoming fighting game below:

Action combat at its extreme! One of the most popular and most played RPGs in the world, Dungeon and Fighter is now back as a 2.5D action fighting game. Choose from 16 charming characters, each with their own distinct skills and personality. Outsmart, outsmart or outright defeat your opponents and become the master of the ultimate will!

【Modes and Features】
■ Online mode: ranked match, player match, ranking
■ Local mode: free fight, story mode, arcade mode, survival mode
■ Training Mode: Training Mode, Tutorial
■ Collection: player profile, replay library, gallery, glossary

【Supported languages】
■ System: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
■ Voice over: Korean, Japanese, Chinese

• Meet your favorite DNF characters up close and personal
DNF Duel perfectly reinterprets the iconic classes of the classic RPG Dungeon and Fighter. From the lightning-fast, flashy gunfire of the cunning Ranger to the unbridled raw power of the frenetic Berserker, each character’s signature traits have been enhanced and reworked.

• A breathtaking world born from the universe of dungeons and fighters
17 years of tradition are incorporated into the storytelling and character development of DNF Duel, supported by the stunning graphic details that blend seamlessly with Arad’s set designs.

• Unique battle mechanics for strategic combat
DNF Duel takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level with its unique combat system and tactics. Each character has their own moves and strengths, which are further accentuated by their awakening effects. Remember to keep track of your MP gauge and white damage gauge, lest your opponent surprise you!

• Enjoy extensive additional content
Story mode lets you play through each character’s origin story, providing a fully immersive experience in the world of Dungeon and Fighter. Customize your gamer profile and unlock exclusive wallpapers and sounds in the Gallery!

DNF Duel releases June 28 on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam.

Calvin W. Soper