Idaho GOP Voters’ Guide to Consider Ahead of May 17 Primary | News

Voters heading into Idaho’s May 17 Republican primary election have a state party guide to help them vet candidates.

The guide received more than 230 submissions statewide. Voters will find the complete directory of candidates listed by office, including all federal, state and legislative offices. The IDGOP Voter’s Guide also offers civic resources for voters, including a district search tool, mail-in ballot application, voter registration, and polling place locator.

“The Idaho Republican Party remains steadfast in its commitment to informed and engaged citizenship. To that end, we’ve given all Republican candidates equal access to our platform to speak to voters. Each candidate profile includes the same elements, including candidate biographies, top three issues, integrity in affiliate submissions, and contact information so voters can learn more about the candidates directly.

The Idaho Republican Party remains neutral on all Republican candidates in the Idaho primary for May 17, 2022. Keeping Idaho voters informed of their choices is important to us, and n do not hesitate to contact our office if you would like more information. The Idaho Republican Party remains committed to the principle that Republican voters are the best decision makers when selecting our eventual candidate for the general election.

Calvin W. Soper