How the front pages of newspapers around the world paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

News outlets around the world are celebrating the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch with full-page photographs of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen died peacefully on September 8 at Balmoral. She was 96 years old.

From London to New York to Australia, here’s how newspapers and magazines are recording this historic moment.

The Daily Mail pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with the headline: ‘Our hearts are broken’.(Twitter: Daily Mail)
A black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth.
To mark his death, the Daily Telegraph’s front page quoted the monarch’s own words: “Grief is the price we pay for love.”(Twitter: the daily telegraph)
A blue and red and white illustration of Queen Elizabeth
The New Yorker has published a first look at next week’s cover, “Figurehead,” by Malika Favre, which features a stylized red and blue portrait of Queen Elizabeth II against the Union Jack. (The New Yorker: Malika Favre )
A photo of Queen Elizabeth
The Australian front page included a photo of the Queen saluting and dressed in white.(Provided)
A photo of Queen Elizabeth
In Scotland, The Herald published this photo of Queen Elizabeth II along with a 32-page memorial tribute to the longtime monarch. (Twitter: The Herald)
A photo of the young queen looking over her shoulder wearing earrings and a necklace.
The Herald Sun has published a 24-page digital tribute filled with snaps of the Royal Family and photos of the Queen in colorful outfits.(sun herald)
The Queen wears a silver jacket, a crown and smiles as she looks away from the camera.
In the UK, the Financial Times chose a photo of the Queen attending the official opening of parliament in 1971. (Twitter: Financial Times)
Cover of The New York Times
The New York Times obituary read, “His reign survived the tectonic shifts of post-Imperial British society as well as the challenges posed by the marriages and missteps of his descendants.”(Twitter: New York Times)
A photo of a young queen, wearing a soft green jacket and skirt, with two dogs in the background.
In Scotland, The National chose this photo which captures the Queen’s love for corgis. The newspaper reported that the Scottish Parliament had been suspended as a mark of respect. (Twitter: the national )
A profile picture of Queen Elizabeth.
The Daily Mirror published this more recent photo. “We say thank you to Her Majesty as the nation begins to come to terms with the loss of the 96-year-old monarch,” the caption read.(Twitter: the mirror)
A photo of young Ween in a long black coat on a blue background.
Time has released a new commemorative cover to mark the “extraordinary reign” of Britain’s “steadfast monarch”. (Twitter: time)

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ABC analyst Annabel Crabb says there are many defining images of the Queen’s life.

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