Households can opt out of the white and yellow pages – Adams

Households can now stop receiving phone books after the government approves a new withdrawal system, ICT Minister and Environment Minister Amy Adams said.

If people opt out – through this website – they will stop receiving white and yellow pages from 2015 (there is no option to continue receiving one but not the other). Both directories are published by Groupe Pages Jaunes.

The op outside move follows trial in Auckland where households had to opt in to continue to receive blank pages.

The lawsuit saw Auckland White Pages‘ print distribution decimated from 494,000 to 21,000 copies for 2013. An opt-out approach should soften the blow elsewhere.

For Yellow, the unsubscribe process involves providing your email address and phone number.

“In an increasingly digital age, it makes sense to offer people the choice of whether or not to receive a printed phone book,” says Adams.

“If given a choice, many New Zealanders seem comfortable finding the information they need electronically and do not need a printed directory.

“There are also environmental benefits. If only 5% of households pull out, that means there will be around 175,000 less pounds delivered each year.

“It could potentially save around 150 tonnes of paper per year just by making the most of the technology and doing things smarter.”

Yellow’s decision to offer households the option to opt out of receiving a telephone directory follows consultation with the government and is consistent with telecommunications service obligations for local residential services.

Telecom sold its directories for $ 2.24 billion in 2007.

The buyer, a private equity consortium of CCMP Capital and Teachers ‘Private Capital, the private equity arm of the Teachers’ Pension Plan, and lenders temporarily take control of the company.

Calvin W. Soper

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