Forget the big book, the yellow pages now have an app

Through Journalist March 8, 2018

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CAPE TOWN – We all know the yellow pages as the big phone book. However, the producer and owner of Yellow Pages Trudon in Johannesburg has now reintroduced it as an app.

How it works:

1. The Yellow Pages app will allow businesses to register so that consumers can find them.

2. The application will also indicate the average quote proposed by the company.

3. Users can also chat with a service provider through the app.

4. Users will also be able to see how far or how far a business is from their location.

Trudon hopes to have 100,000 small and medium businesses available soon and hopes the app will help SMEs reach a wider audience.

“The Yellow Pages are a heritage brand in South Africa and as we evolve over time, we have made the decision to retain the element of familiarity but to invest more in digital search platforms,” said the Managing Director of marketing and business intelligence at Trudon Itumeleng Matlaila. A declaration.

The new Yellow Pages app is available for Android and iOS.

Registration is required via a Facebook account or you can register using your email address.

Companies will also be able to register for free on the application.

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