Father Tura crowned Bega’s Undiscovered Baking Legend, becomes yellow and white page cover model | Bega District News

Tura Beach, father of two, Marty den Hertog was crowned Bega’s Undiscovered Baking Legend. As a prize for winning the competition, Mr. den Hertog will be featured on the cover of the yellow and white pages of Bega 2017 with his four-year-old son Bailey proudly showing off his famous Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. . The search for the best baker in Bega is the result of a partnership between the Yellow Pages, the White Pages and the NSW Country Women’s Association (CWA). All Bega Yearbooks will be used to celebrate the phenomenal accomplishments of the state’s largest volunteer women’s organization, the NSW CWA, their love of food and the best baker in the area. Mr. den Hertog won the hearts (and mouths) of a panel of judges, after a friend entered him into the online contest. He said he was both surprised and delighted to have been chosen as Bega’s Unknown Pastry Legend and credits his mother for his love of pastry. “I have a lot of fond memories of mom baking cheesecakes for our family’s restaurant when I was little, since then I love to cook, just wish I had more time to cook.” Not only will Marty be featured on the cover of this year’s yellow and white pages, but his mouth-watering Lemon Meringue Cheesecake recipe and ingredients will also appear on the inside cover. The distribution of the Bega Yellow Pages and White Pages cobound book 2017 featuring Marty den Hertog will take place from May 13.


Calvin W. Soper

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