Far Cry 6: All Journal Pages in Joseph: Collapse DLC

In Joseph’s spirit world in Far Cry 6’s Joseph: Collapse DLC, players can find a total of seven journal pages from the Book of Joseph.

To get the “Family History” achievement in far cry 6the third DLC, Joseph: Collapse, players must find and collect all of Joseph’s Diary Page collectibles scattered across the map. For clarity, there are a total of seven pages, and players can collect most of them as they progress through the main story and complete objectives in specific locations. The first page is in the initial area of ​​this Joseph Seed far cry 6 DLCs. At the beginning of “a just man“, players will descend a staircase from the church to a giant white tree in the center of the starting location. After the first staircase, players can find a journal page titled “The Seed family memorial” on a small stand on the left.


Then they have to approach the tree to find the second diary page,”Eden’s Blessing“, displayed on the part of the chest facing the church. Players can discover the third diary page in a trial called “Slaughter the herd“, located at the far west of the starting area. In the dilapidated house, players can interact with Jacob’s body to spawn the “Saint Jacques“Page on the cupboard to the right of the bed.

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To get the fourth diary page, “Saint Jean“Joseph Must Go to”Yes“Northeast Essay on the far cry 6 DLC map. In another ruined house, Joseph will discover the body of one of his disciples, John. After interacting with the corpse, the environment outside the house will change, spawning several enemies in a memorial. The collectible is found atop the altar in front of the fractured cross symbol. Players are recommended to eliminate enemies before reclaiming the page.

Journal Page Locations in Far Cry 6’s Joseph: Collapse DLC

Far Cry 6 All Journal Pages in Joseph Collapse DLC

The fifth page is located at the bottom of the card during a trial named “act of faith“Players must enter the dilapidated cabin and interact with Faith’s body on the bed. The outside environment will change again, but, as with the third page, “holy faith” will appear in the house on the small drawer next to the bed. At the far northwest of the map in far cry 6it’s Joseph: Collapsefans will find the sixth page at Fall End’s Church in the Memory,”In the beginning. “Inside the chapel on the piano in the back is the diary page”Saint Jerome.”

The last page of the newspaper in Joseph: Collapse is in the upside down level that players must study for “Providence“Players should look for a desk with an American flag and a large map on the wall.”The Silent Saint” is on the desk with the radio equipment. This will complete all of these far cry 6 DLC collectibles.

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far cry 6 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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