Facebook creates yellow pages in WhatsApp and is launched in Brazil in São Paulo

New Delhi: Facebook has announced that it will build “modern yellow pages” in Whatsapp through which it will be able to search for local business contacts within the app itself.

The new feature will launch today in São Paulo, Brazil, and then other locations.

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According to Reuters, WhatsApp said the new test will include thousands of businesses in categories such as food, retail and local services in some neighborhoods in São Paulo. Matt Idema, vice president of business messaging for Facebook, said India and Indonesia are good candidates to expand the functionality.

The Yellow Pages were a staple of everyday life, helping people find contact details of whoever was listed there, but with the rise of the internet people have become less dependent on the thick book to find businesses or businesses. people.

When looking for information on local businesses, people tend to use Google or similar platforms.

WhatsApp, unlike Facebook and Instagram, does not serve ads in its app. However, Idema has not ruled out the possibility that WhatsApp may introduce advertisements into the app in the future.

“There’s definitely a route on ads, which is Facebook’s core business model, which in the long run I think in some form or another will be part of WhatsApp’s business model,” he said. declared.

Whatsapp told Reuters that around one million advertisers are currently using Facebook and Instagram’s “Click WhatsApp” ads to send users directly to the messaging app. Essentially, it was meant to get people to educate themselves.

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