Exam board apologizes after four forgotten pages of A Level test

A-level students received an apology after opening their exam paper to find four pages missing. Students who expected to find questions about Shakespeare’s plays were confused by the missing pages.

The document should have included questions about Othello, The Tempest and Much Ado about Nothing, reports The Mail. The Welsh Joint Education Committee has now issued an apology.

Eithne Hughes, director of the Association of School and College Leaders Cymru, said: ‘This English language and literature journal has let applicants down.’

She added: “The WJEC can put in place some sort of mitigation for this error to reward those who have suffered in terms of the exam, but how do you compensate for the loss of confidence and well-being?”

A WJEC spokesperson said it was a ‘question grading error’, adding: ‘All exam answers will be carefully considered during the marking and grading process to ensure that all students receive a fair qualifying result.”

The WJEC has sent an email to exam managers which reads: “We want to reassure all centers and candidates that we have standard processes in place to address these issues and ensure that no candidate is at a disadvantage.

“We will be contacting all centers to verify any impact this has had on candidates taking this morning’s exam.

“Once we have collected this information, we can advise you on the corrective measures we will put in place, including whether centers should request special consideration.

“Once again, we would like to apologize for this error. This is a very rare occurrence and we take the matter very seriously. Our teams will be working at pace to investigate this issue.”

Calvin W. Soper