Dungog and District Telephone Directory 2018-19 | Chronicle of Dungog

Everyone will read it – the new local Dungog and District phone book came out today.

Keeping all of your contacts for Dungog and the surrounding neighborhoods in one place has never been easier.

today Chronicle of Dungog comes with a free copy of the Dungog and District Local Telephone Directory 2018-19.

The special 116-page Fairfax Regional Media publication continues years of tradition for the local community, providing access to all phone numbers for businesses, community organizations and homes in one convenient location.

This marks the 28e year of this popular directory, which is updated annually.

It presents an easy to use index with a complete list of products and services in the neighborhood.

All phone numbers are listed alphabetically in large, easy-to-read print.

The purpose of the directory is twofold – to provide information on businesses, community and sports organizations and to provide all local phone numbers in larger print for easier and faster reference, not lost among thousands of other entries in a large repertoire.

There is an A to Z list of municipal services, a list of justices of the peace, local emergency numbers and a community directory.

Make sure to grab your copy of the directory for free with the the Chronicle or at selected outlets across the district in the coming weeks, including the Dowling Street Visitor Information Center.

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Marvin M. Moreno

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