Ductless Marketing Podcast Released Featuring Kyle Gargaro’s Interview with Ductless Directory Founder Michelle LaFrance

The Ductless Directory, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, announced the release of a podcast featuring an interview of Kyle Gargaro, editorial director for Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration (ACHR) News, with Ductless Directory founder Michelle LaFrance. Michelle is also a marketing consultant specializing in ductless technology. Naturally, the podcast focused on ductless technology and a strategy to market it effectively. For those interested, the podcast is available here.

In the interview, Michelle LaFrance says: “With the ductless heat pump, we finally have an exciting product, now there is an opportunity. And when was the last time something exciting happened in the HVAC industry? What I see happening is that finally here is that opportunity for an amazing product in the industry. It transforms the way people heat and cool their homes. And yet, it becomes what I call vanilla. It is added as a simple webpage to an already busy website. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

According to Michelle LaFrance, every HVAC contractor needs to have two things: a meaningful message and an effective SEO strategy. However, she observes that most entrepreneurs often use ineffective SEO that doesn’t always get results and only has a “me too” message. She further adds that it is essential to look at any website from the perspective of Google. She points out that they know how Google sees things, so they’ve created a cross-platform website that dominates local search results for lead-free terms for lead-free entrepreneurs who have purchased premium listings.

The result is that participating HVAC contractors may notice improved search results for their company’s website. They also enjoy higher rankings on Google Maps and enjoy many other benefits when they participate. Michelle LaFrance noted that leadless entrepreneurs often overpay for their SEO and often don’t see results. This is because entrepreneurs tend to hire the same type of web businesses that do all the same things. The Ductless Directory is a differentiator that elevates an entrepreneur and can increase the number of times they are found online. Even a basic listing from a highly relevant site can benefit an entrepreneur. A basic list starts at just $27 per month.

Michelle explains in the Ductless Marketing Podcast how The Ductless Directory can be used to elevate the HVAC contractor. She points out that with even the basic listing, they get 2 key things Google is looking for: a quality backlink from a highly relevant site and a high-quality citation that can help entrepreneurs get more Google listings. Map.

Entrepreneurs can choose the level of benefits they receive from The Ductless Directory’s full suite of services, including press releases, videos and blog posts. The directory currently serves California, Minnesota, Oregon, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New York, and Massachusetts, and it can quickly add more locations to the areas it serves.

Michelle points out that they have a proven track record and can provide a valuable product that can help entrepreneurs learn how to get leads without leads. She explained in the interview that the directory can be used to elevate the entrepreneur through lead-free digital marketing. She notes that entrepreneurs often miss the value of participating in quality websites like The Ductless Directory. An important benefit of being part of a directory is the creation of a high quality backlink to the contractor’s website. And because the directory was created by a marketing and SEO company, it ranks highly with Google. It was built from scratch to rank on Google and observed to do just that.

Michelle points out that The Ductless Directory is the best listing that ductless contractors could participate in. She explains that it’s because their company has 12 years of experience in ductless marketing. She adds that they created the directory not to sell tracks, but to provide a meaningful message and to support the HVAC industry. The directory is also designed to provide a reliable resource for the consumer, so they can be sure that the directory is the logical place to turn to for a deeper understanding of ductless technology.

HVAC contractors who want to gain a competitive advantage using the ductless marketing strategy used by The Ductless Directory and learn more about how to get new ductless customers can visit their website or contact them by phone or E-mail.


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