DOJ says more than 21,000 pages were seized in the search for Mar-a-Lago, about a tenth of what Trump claimed


The Justice Department said documents seized at Mar-a-Lago during the FBI’s August raid totaled 21,792 pages, according to a filing this week, well below the 200,000 pages claimed by the Department of Justice. former President Donald Trump’s legal team.

Trump’s defense team now has access to those records, the Justice Department told federal court on Wednesday, as a review of the documents with a special third-party master gets underway.

The number of pages the team will review for potential confidentiality requests is 10 times lower than what Trump’s team previously claimed was the number of pages. The collection of nearly 22,000 pages of documents does not include documents seized by the FBI which have already been screened for confidentiality reasons by a Justice Department team.

The collection also excludes about 100 documents marked as classified found in the search. The number of pages was previously unclear, although the Department of Justice maintained that there are 11,000 separate documents.

Trump’s team had previously tried to say the large volume of material seized was a reason there was a delay in finding a company to house the electronic data – keeping the special primary review process at its fingertips. nascent stage for weeks. Companies have since been selected.

“The United States of America certifies that it has made available to plaintiff all materials seized as required” by the federal district court, prosecutors wrote in a court filing on Wednesday.

Even as the special main review progresses, the Justice Department continues to challenge the appeals review process, as it has become a way for Trump’s team to slow down the Justice Department’s criminal investigation into the processing of cases after his presidency and provides an avenue for Trump to try to keep evidence out of the reach of investigators.

Calvin W. Soper