Do you remember those big books called phone book?

Back then, in my early years, it was just fun to pick up phones, not knowing who the caller was. Our black colored phone 422462 in the late 70s was our pride and the envy of our neighbors, but many times they have used it. I wanted to dial it, and my dad always liked me saying, “you’re good at making calls.” This is how fathers are proud of everything their daughters do!

I remember those big fat books called phone books, which made us proudly proclaim that we had a phone. Now, the phone book has gotten lost in the clutter of most homes and offices to the point where the majority of the present generation is unaware that such a publication once existed. And that’s because of the emergence of the internet and smartphones that can store hundreds of numbers.

It was really fun, the phone book often acted as a pillow whenever there was an unexpected guest at the house or it could have been used to kill cockroaches. I could remember with a smile on my face how frantically a friend of mine searched for the address of his heart’s house through the name of the girl’s father in the phone book.

I still prefer old ringtones reminiscent of awkward phones from my childhood. Yes, the ‘brrring, brrring, brrring’ makes me nostalgic.

A retired geologist, my neighbor in Calcutta, always carefully keeps the last three voluminous volumes of the telephone book. And for him, writing the important figures in a journal is always a practical way.

“Oh, I still don’t have a cell phone; I only have a landline and a directory in those years helped me find the numbers I wanted. Now I have to call JustDial to get the number and, be careful, to call these numbers I have to pay a call charge; it is not free. What a pity!’ he laments.

And if I say of myself, I have a very nostalgic feeling for the black-colored landline phones of the late 70s and the phone books that suffered a silent death. These are now things of the past, but it’s really weird how we still hold onto the pieces of the past and without a doubt, with a little love.



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