Dissenting Opinions on Letters Pages a Feature, Not a Bug | Letters to the Editor

I am responding to Mrs. Moser’s recent letter criticizing Mr. Richmond’s recent impassioned letter.

The very different views and styles remind me of the fight that takes place every time my eldest blue-collar son walks into a room with my second white-collar daughter.

Ms. Moser seems to question whether your article fairly and responsibly reflects community values ​​in its selection of letters. He seems a bit to the left which means he’s probably on a good road.

I wrote “right-side” opinion columns for two newspapers for many years, many years ago. How much? I predicted that George Orwell’s “1984” would only be missing a few years. I think Reagan messed up the timing.

Letters to the editor castigating my views outnumbered supporters by about three to one. People who stopped me in stores and on the streets agreed with me about five to one. White collar workers are much more likely to write a letter to the editor.

The Brunswick News is one of fewer than 90 surviving family dailies in the United States. Brunswick is blessed to have you. Syndicated newspapers seem to be losing their soul. You guys hang in there and honestly keep giving all the Petes, Sharons and Bobs a place to blow off steam.

Calvin W. Soper