Calls for entries for Campaign’s 2022 TV, video/OTT guide – Campaign Middle East

Campaign Middle East will publish our 6and annual edition of the TV/Video Guide 2022 on April 25. It will be a one-of-a-kind practical guide, containing all the information TV Channels and OTT Providers / Video Streaming In the region.

Here are some quick hints about the TV/video guide:

Middle East 2022 Campaign TV/Video Guide is the ideal manual for agency, client and media planners wishing to define their television strategy. This will be a comprehensive guide to the stations and streaming platforms available in the GCC and the wider MENA region. Each listing gives readers easy access to key information such as ownership, scope, demographics, and availability. Enhanced listings feature more in-depth selling points such as viewership, featured programs, and contact information for media representatives.

here is the link for the past few years, the 2021 campaign TV/video guide for reference.

Participation in the 2022 campaign TV/video guide is the best way to stay at the forefront among planners. The informative directory will be enthroned on agency desks all year round as an essential reference for purchasing regional television. If you are a TV channel or an OTT streaming provider who wants to contact media agencies and marketing executives, we want to know more about you and you should contact us. The guide will also be a “state of the nation” report on television and video performance and its outlook for the year. Industry leaders will be quoted, while others will provide in-depth analysis in the form of first-person articles.

TV channel and OTT listings will also be featured in Online campaign directory. Campaign has digitized all of its guides and directories, and now each channel will have its own hosted page in the online directory where agencies and brands can search for media based on their needs. Similarly, you can search for all TV channel listings in the online directory at and in Type select TV Channel.

Please find the partnership options below and make sure it reaches us before our deadline of 8and April 2022.

Option 1 – Free Advertisement:

TV channel information:

  1. Channel name – please give details of all your channels individually.
  2. Ownership / Parent Company:
  3. The head office
  4. Number of employees
  5. Year of foundation
  6. Organic (please send in the format below)
  • What country is he based in?
  • Language
  • What type of content does it broadcast?
  • Which countries does it reach?
  • Which satellites, cable services, etc. is it available through

streaming platform information

  1. Platform name
  2. Ownership/parent company
  3. City where the head office is located
  4. Year of foundation
  5. Organic
  • Subscription fees
  • What kind of content does it carry?
  • Availability (apps, Apple TV, website, Playstation store, etc.)
  • In which countries is it available?

Please note that there will be at least 8/10 free channel listings on each page. If exclusivity and additional exposure is preferred, please find additional options below:

Option 2 – Half-page listings + annual listing in online campaign directory for each channel:

All of the above listings in a half-page magazine format, plus added information below:

6. Extended Bio

  • (TV) TV Channel Bio (100 words). (OTT/Streaming) Description of service
  • (TV) Audience figures. (OTT/Streaming) Number of subscribers/users
  • (TV) Viewer demographics. (OTT/Streaming) Viewer demographics.
  • (TV) Flagship programs. (OTT/Streaming) The most popular shows.
  • (TV) Debit card. (OTT/Streaming) Advertising options and price list

7. Company Details

  • Press officer (+ contact details)
  • Website
  • Address
  • Contact number

8. Annual listing subscription in Campaign’s online directory, where the above information would be available throughout the year on Campaign’s website as a full page.

9. TV channel logo

10. Management Committee (photos and designations of up to 6 management teams)

Variant 3 – Full page listing for each channel:

The half page listing for each channel + the half page interview will include the half page logo option above plus the bottom half page used as an interview with the channel manager or a half-page advertisement.

Option 4 – Double Page:

Half-page Listing + Half-page Interview + Full-page Announcement. This option will include the full page option above and a full page advertisement will be offered on the opposite page.

Option 5 – Cover Sponsorship:

This option includes the Double Page option above and you would be the official co-sponsors of the yearbook with your logo on the cover of the report as one of the official sponsors.

For details on the costs of the paid options above and to submit your free listings, please email [email protected] and one[email protected]

the deadline is April 8, 2022 for providing us with the above information, this special issue will be released on April 25and.


Calvin W. Soper