Bradford Chamber publishes its first community guide | News

After a short delay due to paper shortages, the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce has released its first 2022 Community Guide.

“Many communities have a guide that tells the story of their community and also shares their businesses’ member directory and we wanted to continue that for Bradford,” said chamber executive director Heidi Scrivo-Passmore. “We felt the guide was something that could really educate people on all that Bradford has to offer.”

This versatile guide covers community attributes such as education, health care, the arts, the region’s oilfield history and manufacturing history, as well as listing area businesses, government , community events – “and all the positive things that exemplify Bradford,” Passmore said. . Information on tourist attractions, local parks and the airport are also included in the guide.

“This guide is something that, for example, our local businesses can use when recruiting someone looking to come to the area, Passmore explained. “It’s something tourists can use to find out more about Bradford and also find businesses to visit while in the area.”

According to Passmore, there are currently only a limited number of printed versions of the Community Guide available, which can be picked up at the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce office, 121 Main Street. However, support cards with a QR code which, when scanned, will direct individuals to an online version of the community guide are available in abundance and will be placed in businesses in the Bradford area.

The online version is set up like a flipbook for easy navigation, according to Passmore. Another advantage of the online version is its ability to be updated regularly (to add new companies or change member information) unlike the paper version.

The hard copy of the community guide will be updated every 12 to 18 months, Passmore said.

“So if you’re someone who’s in Bradford for the weekend and can’t stop by somewhere where the book is available, you can just go to our website and check it out in full,” said Passmore.

For more information about this guide or to receive copies of the guide map, call Passmore at (814) 368-6233. To see the bedroom community guide flipbook, visit online and click on the ‘Community Guide’ option.

Calvin W. Soper