Back issues: Extract from the pages of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News | Local

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport has taken another step in its pursuit of securing direct flights to Boise. The airport board authorized the airport to spend $25,000 to advertise flights to Boise if an airline agrees to offer that service to Pullman. The airport will also waive landing fees that the airline pays for two years. Airport manager Tony Bean said the moves would encourage a carrier like Alaska Airlines to bring those flights to Pullman. …. Despite some residents’ concerns about water supply, traffic and growth, the Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approving a planned unit development and a flat -preliminary form of a 2.16 acre development at the corner of Third Street and Mountain View Road. There are plans to subdivide the area to create 10 semi-detached plots, four townhouse plots and one neighborhood business plot as part of the first Harvest Hills addition. Moscow Planning Director Mike Ray said the type of development proposed in the Neighborhood Business plot has not been determined.

Few children are willing to go to school early to study geography and world culture just for fun, but 10-year-old Nathan Elbracht and more than three dozen others do so at least twice a month with the Jefferson Geography Club. Elbracht pored over a yellow construction poster he and 9-year-old Nelly Peng created to display at the club’s open day. Elbracht and Peng are two of approximately 40 students in grades three through five who congregate at the end of a hallway at Jefferson Elementary School twice a month at “Fort Doumit” – a reference to the school’s history lessons. ‘State related to Lewis and Clark currently in the fourth-grade class — to participate in the club. …Brent Stacey, strategic advisor to the Idaho National Laboratory, praised engineering students at the University of Idaho after learning about their projects on display inside and out of the Bruce M. Pitman Center on the University of Idaho campus. Creative minds in engineering showcased their major capstone projects at the 24th Annual Engineering Design EXPO, hosted by the UI College of Engineering. Stacey, the event’s keynote speaker, spoke about the transformation of the United States’ approach to control systems cybersecurity.

Every fall, millions of parents send their children out the door for the first day of public school. But since the 1990s, many families have opted to homeschool their children instead. Becky Fender from Moscow is part of the latter group. The Fender family isn’t critical of the public school system — brothers Zach, 17, and Andrew, 16, both opted to go to public school this year. Fender’s husband Paul worked as a junior high school teacher in the past. According to a survey by the U.S. Department of Education, the number of parents choosing to homeschool their children has increased since the agency began collecting data in 1999. … When Mary Carloye moved to Pullman in 1962, she said the area that now holds the city’s new Grand Avenue Greenway was not a pleasant place for passers-by. Carloye is a board member of the Pullman Civic Trust, a group that has worked since 1983 to help the community, in part by developing trails for the recreational use of residents. Volunteers continued to create usable green spaces along the area’s waterways. The Greenway, just east of the intersection of Grand Avenue with Ritchie Street, was the latest segment to be added to the eight-mile Pullman Loop Trail, which loops around the College Hill neighborhood and the state campus. of Washington from its downtown starting point.

Calvin W. Soper