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Incidentally, when SAM tried multiple names for phone numbers, including his own, he had better luck with and than with AT & T’s official page.

Keep in mind that many people no longer have a landline and do not want to share their cell phone numbers widely. So you might be more likely to just ask a mutual friend if they have the number.

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Q: There are new billboards around town that show a cartoon woman and the words “What did Tomi have for breakfast?” And a response like “Bangers & Mash” or something like that. What are they for? I tried to search for it on google to no avail.

Answer: The fact that you (and a few other SAM readers) are asking proves that ads are doing their job and making people curious.

“The advertiser wants to remain anonymous at this point,” is all Mike Peters, general manager of Fairway Outdoor Advertising in Greensboro, would say. Tomi advertisements are displayed on more than 20 digital billboards in the region.

Q: Could you find an address where someone can send Billy Graham a card?

Answer: The address for sending a card or letter is 1 Billy Graham Parkway, Charlotte NC 28201.

Calvin W. Soper

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