AppsFlyer launches comprehensive guide to gaming apps in collaboration with Facebook Gaming

AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming have teamed up to launch an exclusive playbook for gaming app marketers. The “Gaming Apps: Strive and Thrive” playbook on iOS 14+ aims to set clear paths and prepare gaming app marketers for success.

In today’s age of privacy, gaming app marketers are constantly navigating the changing landscape with performance marketing strategy updates, all while planning to stay one step ahead. Especially to deal with the changes for iOS device users, advertisers had to make several changes to accommodate the new iOS 14+ policies.

Featuring best practices and solutions for game app marketers and advertisers, the AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming playbook provides insights for tackling iOS 14+ challenges from three different angles: App Tracking Prompt Optimization Transparency (ATT), maximization of SKAdNetwork measurement (SKAN), and unifying data flows.

This playbook also contains Facebook Gaming recommendations derived from a comprehensive directory on SKAN setup, campaign setup, and campaign management, to help marketers achieve and scale their gaming app marketing success. .

Those interested in learning more about the playbook and getting professional advice on using the tools available to optimize marketing and advertising performance can visit: Gaming Apps: Strive and Thrive with AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming on iOS 14 +.


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Calvin W. Soper