Amazon Seller Pages Underground Marketplace Causes Chaos

An elaborate black market that allows fraudulent companies to buy accounts from experienced sellers on Amazon – inheriting their good reputations and reviews in the process – tricks consumers and leads to innocent people having their identities stolen, reported Monday Insider. Among those most affected was a Colorado man who was inundated with “return packages” for an inexpensive clothing company he does not run. The man, identified only as Andrew by Insider, said he sometimes receives dozens of return packages a day full of clothes from angry customers he’s never sold to, with the return labels listing Amazon as the broker. As packages continued to arrive at his house, Andrew said Amazon had done nothing to stop the influx, instead producing generic responses or completely ignoring him when he asked for help. Another case involved a Vancouver woman who had her home listed as the business address of a fraudulent textbook seller without her knowledge. These cases, and many more, are believed to be the result of sketchy sellers – banned for selling counterfeit products – buying up the long-standing accounts of reputable sellers who no longer need them, sometimes for thousands of dollars. Purchasing accounts on the black market means fraudulent sellers don’t need to pass any security checks to start selling on Amazon, which they would otherwise have to do when creating a new account page. seller. And when accounts change hands, Insider says their new owners steal the identities of seemingly random people in order to keep their names out of their shady business dealings. Amazon did not directly address these cases in a statement to Insider, but said the company “aggressively fights fraud on its platform.”

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Calvin W. Soper