5 great Facebook pages you need to follow in Montclair

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Montclair can be a busy place and it’s not easy to keep up with what’s going on in the community.

As everyone reconnects, this is notably happening through Facebook groups focused on specific locations and interests. There is no need to get lost in the parchment. Patch did the work of separating inactive pages and identified 5 must-do Montclair Facebook groups.

Montclair Center
This is where you’ll find out what’s going on in the downtown arts district. Over 12,000 followers for information on events, new businesses, restaurants, shops and shows.

Montclair, NJ Buy Sell Commerce YardSale Donate
The ever-popular online trading page is here, for the Montclair area. Over 13,600 members take advantage of the group where scammers are not tolerated. If you have things to give to someone else in need, this is a place to find a local recipient. There were over 2,500 posts this month.

Montclair, NJ Music Scene
Local shows, open mic nights, and even job postings can be found in this public Facebook group. There are live music broadcasts and other messages of interest to those behind the music stages and audiences.

You know you’re from Montclair when…
This place to post good memories is full of local history and connection. Its 4,400 members share those old photos with new business news and other community updates. Do you remember Calvin Jones’ newspaper delivery cart? It’s here on a black and white photo and some commentators remember it!

Montclair Community
If you work in Montclair, own a business there, or just love the city, this group can be your online community home. To register, you will be asked if you live in Montclair, and if not, what is your interest. Easy enough.

For local Montclair news, be sure to go to the Montclair Patch Facebook page and follow.

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Calvin W. Soper