2 ways to search for a business on WhatsApp and register in the directory

Ever since WhatsApp moved to Meta Umbrella (formerly Facebook), the platform has tried to become more than just a personal chat platform. We have seen new changes in the platform in terms of new features, sending disappearing messages, hiding the last seen of specific contacts, etc., even now we are getting updates from some companies. Now WhatsApp is taking it to the next level, allowing us to search business profiles on WhatsApp on our side, so that we can get better support and get the information we are looking for without having to wait in the queue of the Customer Support . Let’s see how to search for a business profile on WhatsApp.

How to Search WhatsApp Business Profile on Mobile

WhatsApp has tested a way to search for profiles run by well-known business organizations or even local businesses like your cafe, florist, clothing store, etc. near. In order to make the process more transparent. This can solve the most common problem of waiting your turn to get in touch with the customer support manager. Let’s see how to search WhatsApp business profile.

WhatsApp Business Directory

The easiest way to find a business account on WhatsApp is to use the WhatsApp Business directory. It sounds and works like the old phone book for your area, where we had a home. You can search for any business profile on WhatsApp as follows:

1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Tap the new chat button at the bottom.

3. Here you will see a new category, named “Find Businesses”, under this category tap After.

4. Now, to find businesses, you need to set the location:

  • You can either share your current location, only when you use the app, only once, or
  • You can choose the “Not now” option and manually select the region from the list.

5. Once the location is set, tap new chat again and you can search for the business you are looking for. You can also use subcategories to filter search results.

6. You can remove any irrelevant search results by tapping the cross next to them.

seven. Once you’ve found the business you’re looking for, tap on it to start the chat.

To note: For now, this feature is currently only available in São Paulo (Brazil) and will soon be rolling out worldwide.

Search via the web

Another way to find the WhatsApp number of any business is to search the web. You can easily find the WhatsApp number of the most well-known businesses, for example your point of sale near a chain of cafes, a hospital, a multiplex or even your bank. For example, the attached screenshots. You can start chatting with the company profile, without even saving the number on the phone. For that, see our guide to chatting on WhatsApp without saving the number.

How to register your business on WhatsApp Business Directory

Adding your business to the Business Directory increases your business visibility. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it is for potential customers to find and contact you. If you want to register your business on WhatsApp Business Directory, you need to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and follow these steps:

Requirement and Eligibility to Register Your Business in WhatsApp Business Directory

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Business on your phone (it is currently only available on the Android version of the Business app, iOS support is coming soon)
  • Currently, only companies from São Paulo (Brazil) can register (will expand to other regions of the world in the future).

Steps to register your business on WhatsApp Business Directory

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you must follow these steps to register your business in WhatsApp Business Directory:

1. Launch Whatsapp Business on your phone.

2. Press the More options top right button > Business Tools > Business Directory.

3. Now you need to review and edit your business profile. You need to fill in your company details mentioned below. If you update your business information, you must resubmit the application.

  • Name, Category,
  • profile picture,
  • Company Description,
  • Address,
  • Working hours

4. Press Next and enter the valid registration number (CNPJ number in the case of São Paulo) of your company. Press Submit.

5. If additional information is needed, you will be notified and once your application has been approved, it will be added to the directory.

Bonus: remove the app from WhatsApp’s business directory

If you wish to withdraw your application, from the WhatsApp Business directory, then this can be done as follows:

1. Launch Whatsapp Business on your phone.

2. Press the More options top right button > Business Tools > Business Directory.

3. Now go to More optionsand select Delete from directory.


This is how you can search for any WhatsApp business profile, whether you are in São Paulo or anywhere in the world. Any WhatsApp user can search for more similar business profiles, after opening more business details from the directory. We also discussed how you can register your business in the WhatsApp Business Directory and withdraw your application if necessary. Currently, the directory is only available in São Paulo, but will soon be rolled out worldwide. Hope you found this article useful, if you did be sure to like and share with whoever should know. Check out more tips linked below and stay tuned for more technical tips and tricks.

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