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The reference to Federal financial aid repayments contained in this table is not guaranteed. Main Page Message – Tips – Table: Federal financial aid repayment. You can pay your Federal financial aid debt at once or in three-month installments. A corresponding estate list can be found on the BVA website. Jump to How much Federal financial aid do I have to pay back?

Is there a Federal financial aid refund table?

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Federal financial aid – discussion forum

I received the verdict from the Federal Office. Now I’m wondering if I want to pay the loan in a single amount or in installments. The loan debt is over 10000 EUR (limit 11500 EUR). Now I have read the communication carefully and have come to a point where I do not know whether I really understand it correctly: “In addition, it is open to you throughout the term, the Federal Office an informal request to discount the outstanding loan debt a) You have the option of sending an informal application to the Federal Office.

If they redeem a part-load amount after repayment, the loans paid for training periods after February 28, 2001 will be credited to the total repayment amount of EUR 10,000 for this loan (§17Abs.2S. 1Federal financial aid). “If I understand that correctly, I will not pay in one single amount of money (since I do not have the money), then the total debt is limited to 10000 EUR.

My rate of 105 EUR I pay (if I have to pay). If I drew in the lot after 3 months, can I then pay the balance of 10000 EUR – 305 EUR (already paid) in a single amount of money and then get a discount of 28.5% according to the estate table and pay out 7150 EUR?

Then I would pay 7150 EUR + 305 EUR and get rid of my demands. Anyone starting their academic year after February 28, 2001, never has to “shove” more than EUR 10000 into the hands of the BVA (in total for all liabilities from possibly several phases of education).

Of course, this also applies if you pay the installment for a certain amount of time and then pay the balance in one go. Example: Due to the loan limit “only” EUR 1.000 is to be paid. b) Ordinary partial payment over the whole term: In monthly installments of EUR 105 EUR 1,000 must be paid.

However, because the credit limit means that you do not have to pay back more than EUR 1,000, – and already EUR 3,780 (in installments), only the missing EUR 6,220 at a glance were paid. Where does the number 9870 EUR come from? According to the table I get 34.5% discount on a remaining debt of 13220 EUR, right?

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For one night I have to pay about 8700 EUR, right? I have correctly recognized that the remaining debt is not limited from EUR 17 000 to the maximum of EUR 100 000 at the beginning of payment, but that the duration is only reduced. I had hoped that the BVA would convert 17,000 EUR into 100,000 EUR and that I pay 105 EUR for 36 calendar months and 21.5% on the remaining amount, ie 6220 EUR.

Where does the number 9870 EUR come from? According to the table I get 34.5% discount on a remaining debt of 13220 EUR, right? For one night I have to pay about 8700 EUR, right? The amount in the example is between 13,000 and 13,500 EUR. Thus, the discount of the lower value is applicable.

This equates to 33.5 percent, giving a discount of four. 428,7 EUR. That would be 8,791.30 EUR to pay. Almost everyone makes the mistake to calculate with a discount of 10000 EUR. Many suggestions from magazines to claim a repayment loan completely mask this repayment limit. You put an amount of EUR 10000 of your savings on the table and all your interest-free claims without a Schufa entry in one go.

If you paid them in installments, it would take about eight years. Ultimately, you have also paid 10000 EUR. Even if, for example, you take a bachelor’s degree and then join the Master, the value does not increase any further. 10000 EUR is always only the maximum amount that you have to repay to the BVA (from all training courses in which you have received interest-free Federal financial aid loans).

For all remissions and discounts for immediate repayment, reference is always made to the respective loan amount.